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A revolution in the world of transports

Letter to the Editor


We started a start-up in April 2012, a year ago, with the goal of professionalizing the world of transport and help companies to internationalize paying a fair price for the transportation of their goods.

This company is in the hands of seven partners and is Maira Bonjorns idea to solve different problems and steps that have loaders and transport companies in inland freight transport in Europe.

It is a new business concept that did not exist until now to prevent the resale of loads and seeks  the match of trucks and loads with an agile and direct relationship between the two companies that have a need. Obviously this allows any company to manage themselves the loads and assign them with just one click to a carrier service.

widoit.com offers security to both sides when hiring transport.

- For one who hires transport offering the possibility to find the direct carrier:

  • with a truck that is available in the time period in which the transport needs to be performed;
  • with all papers in order and aware of their obligations;
  • to whom you can automatically transfer the load order and accompanying documents;
  • that you can read the comments that you may have been publishing other freight companies with whom you have previously loaded;
  • to whom you can communicate with your preferred way of communication, including chat;
  • that is your usual carrier and you want to use www.widoit.com to manage your loads in a faster and more effective way;

- On the other hand, the carrier, that:

  • can get a better price since negotiates directly with who will pay for transportation;
  • can find loads near the location of their trucks;
  • receives notices with matches for their published vehicles;
  • reduces risk of inpayment and shorten payment periods;
  • can manage all their trucks from a single website;
  • can establish new relationships with companies with which it has never worked.

Currently in Europe, but especially in Spain, there is a serious problem in the resale of loads, where 4 or 5 or more companies can be involved in the chain of intermediaries.

This outsourcing, which in principle would be normal in a precise moment, has become for many transport companies and to new business start-ups its main activity, leaving aside the actual truck business. They buy and sell loads and benefit from a series of transactions that all they do is rise the price of transport in an unrealistic way.

widoit.com is born with the spirit to bring order to this chaos. Finds a balance between what the owner of the load pays and the owner of the lorry gets, without taking any benefit from the transports price.

Given the current economic situation more and more Spanish companies are looking to sell to other countries, and many times they can't do it because the cost of transport.

Is it not sad that Spanish companies are stalled because carriers are charging unnecessary intermediation? In times of crisis, companies are forced to adjust prices and reduce margins in order to remain competitive.

widoit.com is a tool that helps all businesses to be able to save time and above all, to reduce costs and to be more easily accessible to foreign markets.

We hope we have provided new and relevant information, if you are interested you can view our blog, enter our website: www.widoit.com or call (+34) 931 78 00 45 with our willingness to help you in whatever you need.

We remain at your disposal.

Wi Do It Group SL

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