dimarts, 30 d’abril de 2013

International Workers Day (ENG)

International Workers Day - May 1, 2013

This year we will celebrate International Workers Day with some expectation regarding the modification of the LOTT. Already gone through the House of Representatives and now in the Senate to continue its parliamentary process until final approval.

Celebrated as the International Workers' Day with the will soon approve a law that will facilitate financial security of workers in the transport sector. This law emphasizes the "direct action" that will allow the carrier who is not getting paid by its broker, can claim the poise to the loader (owner of the goods), although he had already paid the intermediary.

In www.widoit.com we have been working for some time to provide direct service, professional and different to our users, we are working to create professional links between freight companies and shipping companies. We do not favor any link; all companies have to pass out checks which contribute to the safety, efficiency and agility of the service.

We offer; direct contact between carriers and shippers, efficient management of fleets and loads for any business large or small, as well as facilities for finding transportation and loads, in real time.

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