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Widoit, the commitment to the revolution in transport

Widoit.com is a tool for online transportation management, an innovative service in the world of logistics. Widoit.com is direct contact without intermediaries between companies that have the need to transport goods with companies that have the means to do so, by road, in real time and across Europe.

In Widoit.com we have, on the one hand, the companies that publish their loads and seek transport trucks, and on the other hand, the transport companies that publish their trucks and seek cargos. We have a powerful search engine that connects the two needs immediately and in one click, taking into account the characteristics of the load, vehicle location and dates. We offer direct contact and the consequent possibility of negotiating a price for the service with the owners of vehicles or the goods.

Widoit.com allows an entire online transportation management process; searching, negotiation, contracting, shipping and receiving documentation, cargo tracking, incident management and user evaluation.

In Widoit.com you can post all kind of goods; from dry to refrigerated and / or frozen on pallets, liquids, mobile floors, bulk and so on.

Widoit.com offers the largest portfolio of verified, reliable and solvents European carriers but we do not  allow outsourcing of goods between transportation companies. Widoit does not think that the resale of loads between transport companies is beneficial for carriers and enterprises with loads. Carriers in our site can only offer their services with trucks that have been previously registered on our platform.

In Widoit.com all users, must go through a validation process as financial and safety criteria before signing up. Not all companies can join Widoit.com, only sound and safe business. Widoit.com also provides the ability to ensure the value of the goods at a very affordable price. Widoit members have access to all user ratings, in order to know in real time the views of other companies we have worked with.

Widoit.com is a company with modern and innovative mindset. Widoit.com is a revolution in the relationships in the world of transport and logistics.

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