dilluns, 13 de maig de 2013

www.widoit.com is published in ALIMARKET (ENG)

www.widoit.com is published in ALIMARKET (ENG)

www.widoit.com appearing on the online publication of Alimarket 

Attached is a screenshot of - Alimarket > Transport - from the online magazine Alimarket Sectoral Economic Information - Where an article about www.widoit.com appears

Alimarket Publications, Inc. is the leader in content generation economic-sectoral in Spain. These contents are produced by a wide journalists writing in different markets and segments, as well as an important documentary crew.

Their contents are distributed in different media: paper (Newsletters, Magazines and Annual Reports), digital (BD Business and Establishments Census) and through their website (www.alimarket.es).

Since 1982 they are dedicated to developing quality information, designed to add value to their customers. Exclusive information and payment mainly aimed at professionals in the various sectors analyzed and particularly to managers of companies.

We are different - www.widoit.com

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